UnHackMe for Professionals

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Ultimate Malware Killer for Windows!

UnHackMe for Professionals

Advanced tools for removing Viruses/Trojans/Adware/Spyware and Rootkits using unique UnHackMe technology.

Only for Professionals!


  1. UnHackMe Pro includes special designed tools for detecting deep hidden rootkits.
  2. UnHackMe Pro is unique for each user and it is invisible for a rootkit.
  3. You can open UnHackMe Pro from CD-ROM or from a flash drive.
  4. You can use UnHackMe Pro license for checking and removing rootkits from user computers.
  5. No need to install UnHackMe on a user computer.
  6. No need to purchase additional licenses.
  7. Easy in use. No comments!

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UnHackMe for Professionals

UnHackMe Pro

1 PC


Lifetime License and Antivirus DB Updates

Free upgrades/updates

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UnHackMe Edition Comparison

Feature Business Professional For Repair Shops
Offline Scanning with Warrior
Portable No
License for using on multiple PCs No 50 Unlimited
Lifetime License and Antivirus DB Updates Annual (1 year)
Price $59.80 $99.95 $69.95
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Technical Details:

UnHackMe for Professionals includes

  1. RegGuard kernel driver for protecting registry.
  2. RegRun Trojan Analyser kernel driver for checking program activity.
  3. UnHackMe kernel driver for detecting hidden processes and SSDT hooking.
  4. BootLog XP software for testing drivers/services and programs used during Windows boot process.
    Each file can be tested if it is signed by Microsoft.
  5. RegRun Reanimator for removing spyware components.

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