UnHackMe - UnHackMe Network Shield

What is UnHackMe Network Shield?

Network Shield is used to protect your PC against malicious network activity.
  • Malware & Unwanted Programs (PUP).
  • Web(JS) Crypto Miners.
    These are web sites that uses JS scripts for coin mining in your browser.
  • Crypto Coin Miners.
    These are programs, installed on your PC, that make coin mining in the background.

How does UnHackMe Network Shield work?

UnHackMe inserts the list of web sites to block to the Windows hosts file.

Windows hosts file is located in the:

UnHackMe records begin with a header:
# BlockPUPs, # Anti-WebMiner, # BlockCryptoMiners.

Next, there are list of blocked sites: 12finance.com 12kotov.ru

And here is a finish recored:
# BlockPUPs End

How to install/uninstall Network Shield?

Set or clear the checkboxes:
  • Malware & Unwanted Programs (PUP).
  • Web(JS) Crypto Miners.
  • Crypto Coin Miners.
Click Save button.

How to update the list of blocked web sites?

Set the box:
Automatically update protection with antivirus updates. You will get the latest blocked list automatically.

How to add your site to the block list?

  1. Click on the "Add Site/Edit Block List".
  2. Type the site name (without prefix http:// or https://).
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click Save.

How to enable the site, blocked by error?

  1. Click on the "Add Site/Edit Block List".
  2. Choose "Exclusions" tab.
  3. Locate a blocked site in the "Full List".
  4. Click Add.
  5. Click Save.

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