Stop Malware at Startup with BootRacer Premium

Version 9.10.2023.1220 December 20 2023

BootRacer detected Suspected Malware Warning!

Stop Malware at Startup

BootRacer automatically blocks Malware/Adware/Spyware programs at startup

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? BootRacer checks Windows startup programs using UnHackMe (Greatis Software) antivirus database.

This antivirus database is used to detect Malware/Trojans/Adware/Spyware. Detected items are automatically blocked from starting with Windows.

You need UnHackMe software to fully remove malware from your PC, if malware is detected.

Is BootRacer a real-time monitor? Does it slow down my PC?
BootRacer does not use real-time monitoring. It makes quite fast check using locally stored copy of antiviral database. The check takes less than one second.

Do I need to update the antiviral database?
BootRacer automatically updates antiviral database when your computer is in idle state. It checks for update one time per day. If you want to check database right now, click on the "Rescan" button.

How much disk space takes the antiviral database?
3-5 Mb.

Does this feature replaces the antivirus?
No. It is not an antivirus.

Is it compatible with my antivirus?
Yes. It is compatible with all major antivirus software.

Does it check scheduled tasks?
No. Now BootRacer checks only the startup programs, started from the startup folders and from registry Run keys.

How to start using "Stop Malware at Startup" feature?

Stop Malware at Startup
  1. Activate BootRacer Startup Control feature.
  2. Open BootRacer Premium and click Stop Malware at Startup button.
    You should have registered version of BootRacer Premium.
  3. Check the box "Stop malware at startup" and click "Save Changes".

BootRacer Quick Look

BootRacer Premium is LIFETIME!

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BootRacer Premium 1 PC: $39.95 USD
BootRacer Premium 2 PC: $59.95 USD
BootRacer Premium Family License: $99.95 USD
Family Pack allows to use BootRacer on all PCs in your household.
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