Uninstall BootRacer

Usually you should use a standard way to remove BootRacer: using Control Panel, Uninstall Program. But if you want to remove only BootRacer logs or clear all files created by BootRacer, use our special "BootRacer Uninstall" utility.

BootRacer Uninstall has 3 options:

  1. Remove logs.
  2. Remove BootRace′s Files, but Save Logs.
  3. Complete cleanup.
Download BootRacer Uninstall Utility

Using from Command Line:

  1. BootRacerUninstall.exe /c
    Remove only log files.
  2. BootRacerUninstall.exe /s
    Uninstall BootRacer and delete BootRace′s files, but save your logs.
  3. BootRacerUninstall.exe /u
    Complete cleanup.
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