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Tweak Database

  • Windows Anti-Spy.
  • Windows Ads Blocker.
  • Speed-up Tweaks.
  • Privacy Protection.
  • Chromium and Legacy Edge Tweaks.

One-click Undo of All Made Changes!

Easy Undo of Your Changes for a Group of Tweaks

Auto-Creating System Restore Points.

Create your Own Tweak Groups

Global Tweaks Filter

Auto-Detecting Conflicts

The tweak may be disabled after installing Windows updates.

QuickTweak detects it as Conflict.

Use the Complete Tweaks button to easily fix all conflicts.

Theme Support

Discuss tweaks on the Windows Tweak website

Right-click on a tweak and choose Detailed Info on Site


BootRacer Quick Look

BootRacer Premium is LIFETIME!

All new versions, updates, bonus packs are for FREE!
BootRacer Premium 1 PC: $39.95 USD
BootRacer Premium 2 PC: $59.95 USD
BootRacer Premium Family License: $99.95 USD
Family Pack allows to use BootRacer on all PCs in your household.

BootRacer Roaming One-year License: $99.95 USD

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