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December 8 2009

Version 2.5 release


July 15 2009

Version 2.1 released


Bootlog XP CD allows you to make Bootlog XP log even on the hanging computer.

Best offer:

Bootlog XP Site License =2500 USD
Bootlog XP Roaming Site License =1000 USD
Bootlog XP vs Bootvis

Simple in use

Displays delays

Graphic View

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BootLogXP Quick Tour

Getting Started

  1. Click on the Test at Next Boot button. Restart your computer.

  2. You will see the Stop window during Windows startup.

    Stop window

    Wait for finishing the timer to automatically stop the logging process. Also, you can break the logging process by clicking on the Stop button.

  3. Wait for a pair seconds while BootLog XP testing the collected data.
  4. Look at the Boot Diagram window.

Analyzing Results

Boot Diagram

Top 4 reasons to purchase
  1. Unique Offer.
    BootLog XP is a unique software solution in the market.
  2. Easy in use.
  3. Free Consultations.
    Contact us and we will be glad to help you. You will receive the reply ASAP.

  4. Updates are for FREE!
    You pay only one time!
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