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It is strongly recommended to leave these programs in Windows startup.

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Some useless programs can slow down operations of the computer, so you should stop their auto launch.

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It is up to you to suspend running these programs or not, without damaging Windows.

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Trojans and Viruses. Kill 'em all!

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Follow this instruction to remove WINDEFENDER.EXE ads, redirect, and homepage in the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. Here is WINDEFENDER.EXE simple removal guide how to manually remove (uninstall & cleanup) WINDEFENDER.EXE from your computer. %TEMP%\WINDEFENDER.EXE
Use a simple step by step guide how to remove (uninstall & cleanup) WINDOWS UPDATE ASSISTANT.EXE from your PC and cleanup Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge browser. What is WINDOWS UPDATE ASSISTANT.EXE? How to remove (uninstall) WINDOWS UPDATE ASSISTANT.EXE virus in 5 minutes? How to uninstall WINDOWS UPDATE ASSISTANT.EXE? %APPDATA%\WINDOWS UPDATE ASSISTANT.EXE

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