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What's new in version 7.50. Build 450

Major update.
  • Major update of malware scanning engine. Enhanced detection and removal of digitally signed malware Improved detection ratio. Fixed: AdWare.PriceChop, pctrunner, pup.optional.booster.a, maintainer.exe, clipcnv.dll, Trojan Siggen4, salus.exe, obupdat.exe, venteero, sysapcrt.dll:Toolbar.SearchSuite.
  • Windows 8.1 Compatible.

UnHackMe works on Windows 64-bit.
RegRun Warrior CD is able to detect an infected MBR or VBR and restore the original.

UnHackMe was tested for removal of all modern rootkits.
Read the latest tests in our blog: click here.

How to update UnHackMe for registered users!

  • Download evaluation version using link below
  • Do not uninstall UnHackMe.
  • Open Task Manager and close "Hackmon.exe" and "UnHackMe.exe".
  • Install new version over previous (to the same place).
  • Open UnHackMe and check your registration status on the main screen.
All owners of UnHackMe 1.XX, 2.XX, 3.XX, 4.XX, 5.XX can get a free upgrade to version 7.

You can install the new version over a previous version without uninstalling.