Bob Rankin
Rootkit removal utility that worked!
I am a 74 year old woman with average computer skills.
For the past several months I have been running into various glitches on my 3 year old HP Windows 7 computer. Ran the usual virus checks,malware screens, etc., even called my techie in to help. I was seriously considering going back to factory settings, and having to reinstall everything from scratch, a tedious chore, or even buying a new computer.
Despite this,I was faced with my browser being hijacked whenever I clicked on a link.
I decided to go through all the programs I had on the machine and eliminate whatever I don't use regularly, and recheck. I came across an icon, but could not find it listed amongst my programs in the computer. So, I googled it, and discovered it was probably malware, and luckily for me, an ad for Unhack Me came up on the Google search page. After downloading this amazing program my computer ran like new.
A few days later I noticed another glitch, despite running UnHackMe. Emailed the company, and got fantastic support. I was asked to run a report, send it to them, and they sent me back a "fix". Have had no problems since.
UnHackMe and Regrun Warrior has paid for itself many times over.

It helps me with my Company slogan "We Fix What the Others Can't. Thanks!!!!"

My PC had gotten a bad rootkit that my ISP antivirus software (powered by McAfee) could not detect, nor could fix. I sought a solution on the Internet and discovered your product and tried out the trial.

You quickly found the rootkit and SAVED my PC!

I haven't had any problems since, and I'm extremely grateful.

Joseph Keeney
Your product is the only one on the market that has found and removed rootkits from my system, three rootkits to be precise.

I have used other products but they don't measure up to UnHackMe. Again, thank you.