The TDL Rootkit Detector Benefits

  1. Extra fast< 1sec
  2. Safety. The TDL Rootkit Detector neither installs the system drivers, nor changes the registry or files on the tested computer.
  3. Installation is not required. Simply run the executable file.
    Delete the executable file for uninstalling software from your computer.
  4. Automating usage on the large number of computers.
    The TDL Rootkit Detector supports the command line switches for using in the batch scripts.
ZeroAccess rootkit detector
The TDL Rootkit Detector is free for personal use.

Supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA/Seven/2008 32 or 64 bit.
Compatible with all known antiviral software.
Administrator rights are required.


Version 3.00 February 10 2012

Command line switches:

  1. /c - hidden check for a rootkit.
    Result=0 - clean, 1 - infected.
    A parameter is required.
    Example: ,p> TDLdetect.exe /c
  2. A full file path or a folder name. If it is a folder, the last character must be '\'.
    In this case the file name will be generated automatically with the computer name: compname.csv.
    No parameter is required.

    TDLdetect.exe /c s:\out\results.txt
    TDLdetect.exe /c s:\out\

  3. /i - ignore clean results. The parameter is valid only if the second parameter (file) is used.
    Useful if you need to collect only infected computers.
    The parameter is not required.

    TDLdetect.exe /c s:\out\ /i
    TDLdetect.exe /c s:\out\results.txt /i

    The result file format:

    Infected or not, Computer name, Testing Date, Time

    0, Mycomp, 10.01.2011 15:35:35

The Enterprise version: It allows to collect results on the SQL or on the web server.

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