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I found ZeroAccess32/64.7 using free downloaded UnHackMe.

To stop suspicious files I'd like to confirm if they are really malwares.

Another anti-virus soft that I use finds more than 400 problems a day.

Every time I open a firefox, strange web page is opened automatically.

I'm in a big trouble.

ZeroAccess rootkit, Fake AV Trojan.
OK, my MicroSoft Security Essentials shows the Sirefef, as well as the Sirefef.AN and .AG after any scan, removal, then reboot. Sirefef rootkit
Avast antivirus continues to tell me how it has blocked trojan horse/rootkit problem, every 5-10 minutes. \APPDATA\ROAMING\PLIAWI.DEL
Norton cannot seem to get rid of these.

Every night my computer tries 20-30 times to open tsclient\a\a.dll and fails.

Norton responds but cannot remove the problem.

w32.morto and trojan.gen
Please help me remove
Rootkit: ZeroAccess 32/64.7
I get an error and computer stops working...

also getting redirect on internet searches as I was last week...

your fix did not work.

Rootkit: ZeroAccess 32/64.7
I tried everything to remove the stdrt.exe file...

even Gotcha didn't get it...

can you please help me?

Trojan in the service: "Adobe Licensing Console". File: \Windows\SysWOW64\lnsecsl.exe
Every time i search online it redirects me to an ad site. ZeroAccess rootkit.
Please help!

I am not very computer literate so here goes...

When I turn my computer on I get a black screen with a window that says logonui.exe Application Error.

Instruction at xxxxxxxxxx referrenced memory at xxxxxxxxxx the memory could not be "written".

Hi, for about a week or so I have noticed that when I do searches on yahoo or google I get redirected to sites that have nothing to do with my search even though the searches look like a good link.

This seems to happen on any browser I use, firefox IE or google chrome, well google chrome doesn't even open up any websites since this started.

If you can make any suggestions as to how to go about fixing this, it would be much appreciated.

Windows\70D5AC7F.74D hidden rootkit driver.
When i search for something using any search engine and click on a link within that search to read further I am directed to different sites that have no meaning to me... new variant of TDL3 rootkit.

System requirements

Windows 9x, 2000/2003/XP/2008/Vista/Seven or higher 32 or 64 bit.
512 Mb RAM
CD/DVD drive or USB stick.

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