How to register RegRun Suite, UnHackMe, BootLog XP

Thank you for purchasing Greatis Software products!

After receiving registration message we suggest you to register your software immediately.

Registration will unlock the trial version and you can use it without any problems.


You can always download new trial version from Greatis Software site. It may be the beta version or the new release.

You no need to uninstall previous version!

Install updated version over existing version.


The registration code for Platinum is not valid for UnHackMe and for RegRun Standard.

If you have standalone version of UnHackMe you need to uninstall it before installing Platinum.

You see the registration dialog when your trial period is off or lost the registraion.


Uninstallation will remove your registration information. This why we suggest you to install new version over previous.

If you uninstall trial and install it again the trial period will not continue. You can evaluate your software only one time.

If you have or aspr_keys.ini click on the "Locate your key file" button. Note!

Aspr_keys.ini ( is a common text file. You can view it using notepad.exe.

Also you can type your registration information to the form.


You need to type your registration information exactly as in your registration message!

The text ", Single License" is required!

If you lost your registration information, please, don′t worry. We will send you registration message again. Absoletely for free!
Please, visit our support center
Please provide us any information used during purchase: e-mail, order number, full name.
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