RegRun is most popular on Softpile! RegRun Security Suite was awarded with "The Most Popular" award by our editors.
RegRun rated high on Net-Integration! RegRun Gold is rated high on Net-Integration
RegRun rated 5 on Shareup RegRun Gold is rated high on Shareup
RegRuns review on Tucows
RegRun Gold is awarded 4 cows on Tucows
RegRuns review on WebAttack
RegRun Gold is rated high on WebAttack
Windows XP Handbook RegRun Gold is awarded 5/5 Stars on Wilders.ORG. Security advisors recommend you use RegRun!
Windows XP Handbook Louis Columbus recommend you to use RegRun Security Suite in his book "Windows XP Professional Handbook." Read more information
PC Magazine June 22,2001 Nelson King suggest you to use RegRun II. Read the full review in the PC Magazine June 22, 2001.
Shareware Kollektion 2 C'T magazine 14 RegRun II is included into the best collection of utilities by C′T magazine
Paul's Picks Shareware Winner RegRun gets Paul′s Picks award
5 stars rating on
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5 stars rating on FileTransit RegRun II is awarded 5/5 Stars on The File Transit!
5 stars rating on SharewareJunkies
Hot Utility of the Day on ZDNet (10/12/2000).
Daily Utility at WinDrivers::
C′T tells:
"RegRun II 2.5 verspricht Licht ins Dunkel wild wachsender Windows-Installationen zu bringen - unter anderem entdeckt es Programme, die sich tief im System einnisten."
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ZDNet tells:
"RegRun II is a snap to use and lets you get a firm grip on the programs that are loading with your operating system."
Five stars rating on ZDNET.
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SoftwareCenter tells:
"Very nice, something that I always wanted! If it wasn′t for that annoying "register" box (just annoying still usable), RegRun II would get Editor′s choice rating!"
Five stars rating on
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Freeware32 Highest Rating
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PCWin tells:
"RegRun II is a program that gives you complete control of what is started or not started in your system. RegRun ll allows you to know if a dangerous program was installed on the computer. This program also allows you to see and control all the programs in DOS, Windows 3.0, Windows 95 and Windows NT. RegRun II also advises of any changes in the system."
Three stars(4 maximum) rating on PCWin.
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RocketDownload tells:
"RegRun II is a powerful PC security utility, though it actually offers a lot of different uses. The program gives you exceptional control over programs that load from the registry and Windows system files. By closely tracking and managing all startup files, you can effectively catch sneaky trojan horses and viruses."
Emoticon rating is five (maximum) on RocketDownload.
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j.ello's Pick! j.ello tells:
"You can explore yours Windows95/98/NT startup managers, including config.sys, Autoexec.bat, the Registry... the startup menus etc."
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5 Stars Shareware tells:
"A powerful and unique software system which manages and protects a vital and often-ignored area of Computer management - the Windows startup managers."
Five stars rating on 5 Stars Shareware. Read a review

4 heads rating on FileDudes.
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ListSoft Good!
ListSoft User Choice!
ListSoft tells:
"This is a useful utility which monitors what programs are automatically run by Windows. It allows you to get information about those programs, suspend them, remove, alter, etc."
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Editor′s pick (4.5 rating) on myfolder.
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4 teeth rating on ToGet.
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Windows 2000 Professional Charles River Media has released "The Windows 2000 Professional Handbook - Administrator′s Advantage Series" by Louis Columbus.
CD-ROM with book includes trial version of RegRun II - must have utility for Windows 2000 users.
Windows XP Handbook Charles River Media has released "The Windows XP Professional Handbook - Administrator′s Advantage Series" by Louis Columbus.
CD-ROM with book includes trial version of RegRun Security Suite - the must have utility for Windows XP users.
Windows 2000 Magazine in March 2001 (p.35)
PC Guide - Magazin
Mobile Computing and Communications
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