RegRun International


  • Full translation is ready. Download Russian User Interface
    Fully localized.

  • Thank you very much to Pavel Zdorovilov for full translation.
  • Ukrainian

  • Fully translated.

    Many thanks to Alexey Lugin. Download!
    Download RegRun Platinum Edition Ukrainian

  • Simplified Chinese

  • User interface is ready Version 4.1. Many thanks to Limin Shao. Download!
  • Wanted: translation of the help file
  • Wanted: Additional text files
  • Would you like to see RegRun speaking on your nature language?

    Join to our localization team!

    Localization team receives registration codes for RegRun Suite for FREE,
    receives updates first.

    How can you join?

    Look at the open projects below and check readiness of these projects.


    Contact Us if you do have any questions or to report about finishing translating.
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