Reveal hidden rootkits and infected system files using RegRun Examiner

Examiner Examiner allows you to quickly detect hidden rootkits on your computer.

How does it work?

Examiner scans the files in the Windows directory and its sub-directories, detects if the file is executable (or DLL or a system driver) and it writes calculated MD5 values to own database. After that the computer will be restarted to the RegRun Warrior boot CD mode. Examiner scans the same files again and compares with the database information.

Examiner reports the hidden and changed files and allows you to quickly check the files, delete or restore from original CD/hard drive.

Examiner is a part of RegRun Suite software since version 6.9!

The Warrior CD is required

Examiner Benefits

  1.  Easy-to-use. You should put Warrior CD into your CD drive and click on the Examiner button. After that Examiner will make all work without your assistance.
  2.  High speed scanning. You can check your system in five minutes. The Examiner does not scan all files on your computer. This will take a lot of time. The Examiner scans the most used places of the hidden rootkits: Windows directory, Windows\System32 directory and its sub-directories etc. The list of the scanning folders are assigned by Greatis developers but it can be changed in the future versions. In addition the Examiner detects the file type using file header information and do not use file extension. This allows the Examiner to collect information only about executable files (and the DLLs and system drivers).
  3.  Examiner is not only rootkits detector. It allows you to delete the rootkit files, restore infected system drivers. If you computer does not boot normally you can check the hard drive for errors, copy files from USB sticks etc.

System Requirements

The Windows 9x, 2000/2003/XP/2008/Vista/Seven or higher 32 or 64 bit.
512 Mb RAM
CD/DVD drive and RegRun Warrior boot CD



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