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Windows Startup Programs

Your Windows startup is too slow?

Solution: Reduce the number of Windows startup programs.


You can use Microsoft MSConfig to do it and you can use RegRun.

Who is better?

Make a comparison.

New Problem

What kind of program is it? Why is it launched?

Is it possible to cancel its autorun and not to interfere with the usual work of the computer?

RegRun Application Database answers any of these questions.

We analyzed the programs that often occur in loading and registered them in the database. All the programs are divided into 4 groups:

  • Necessary it is strongly recommended to leave these programs in Windows startup.
  • Useless some useless programs can slow down operations of the computer, so you should stop their auto launch.
  • Dangerous viruses and trojans.
  • At your option its up to you to suspend running these programs or not, without damaging Windows.
We constantly update our programs database.
If you installed RegRun you will have the Application Database on your computer. You may browse the database using the user friendly interface. You will know more about Windows startup.

We published the contents of the Application Database on our web site. Search now!

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