iGrid Plotter

Libraries for Plotting Drawing Grids for VCL and .NET

For all versions of Delphi and C++ Builder from 3 to 10.2 Tokyo and for all versions of Windows from XP to 10

iGrid Plotter allows you to plot drawing grid from within your .Net or VCL application. It contains 4 functions:

Plots orthogonal grid within the passed rectangle.
Plots handwriting grid within the passed rectangle.
Plots axonometric grids within the passed rectangle.
Plots axonometric preset within the passed rectangle.

All these functions are fully customizable with the passed parameters, but you can use presets for most popular axonometric grids with easy.

Current version offers you the following axonometric presets:

  • 30° isometric projection
  • 1/2 isometric projection
  • 30°/60° isometric projection
  • 45°/45° "military" icometric projection
  • 7°/42°/0.5 NEN/ISO dimetric projection
  • 30°/0.5 "chinese perspective" dimetric projection
  • 0.5 "side-view" dimetric projection
  • 0.5 "top-view" dimetric projection
iGrid Plotter is distributed with full source codes for .Net (C#) and for VCL (Delphi Pascal).

There is no special demo application for iGrid Plotter because iGrid utility uses all the functions from iGrid Plotter, so you can download free demo of this utility and see how iGrid Plotter works. However, source codes archive contains simplest demo project for Visual Studio and Delphi which demonstrate the function calls.

Download free demo, order full source code right now!