sysai.exe - Useless


Manual removal instructions:

AproposMedia is the part of the 'PeopleOnPage' program, an Internet Explorer sidebar which claims to show a list of other users of the current site.
Also known as POP after its program name, Envolo after the name of the updater component included in PeopleOnPage.
PeopleOnPage was bundled with Grokster around June 2003, and it installed by pop-up ActiveX drive-by download.
Opens pop-up adverts at regular intervals when Internet Explorer is in use.
When the PeopleOnPage sidebar is open, the addresses of all pages visited are sent to the controlling server with a unique tracking ID.
Includes an updater component which can silently download and execute arbitrary code form its controlling server.

Removal: Use RegRun Startup Optimizer to remove it from startup.
Amd go to the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs feature. Select and remove 'AM Server' and 'POP'.

Remove sysai.exe now!

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