dlder.exe - Useless


Manual removal instructions:

Spyware.Dlder is the spyware program that submits user's Internet usage information to a server.
Also It submits personal information, such as an IP address, the user's Web browser, and a Global Unique Identifier (GUID).

When Spyware.Dlder was installed, it displays several characteristics that are similar to those of backdoor Trojan Horses.
When the installer of Spyware.Dlder is executed, it does the following:
Does not display information on the screen.
Creates several files and registry keys on the system.
Attempts to download an additional file.
The main file of this Spyware component is Dlder.exe, which was inserted as a hidden file in the \Windows folder.

When the installer executes this spyware, it attempts to contact the site www.2001-007.com and download a file named Explorer.exe to a hidden folder in the \Windows folder, named "Explorer" (not to be confused with the Microsoft file, Explorer.exe, in the Windows folder). It is this downloaded Explorer.exe that contains the main functionality of this spyware application.

Manual removal:
Delete this keys:

Use RegRun Startup Optimizer to remove this spyware.

Remove dlder.exe now!

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