Remove 5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE malware

5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE Malware Removal Guide

Manual removal instructions:

Antivirus Report of 5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE:
5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE Malware
5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXEHigh Risk
Full path on a computer: %TEMP%\NSK1876.TMP\5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE
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5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE is High Risk Trojan.
5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE must be removed immediately!
It can used for stealing bank information and users passwords.
5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE can download malicious software from hacker's web sites.
5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE allow someone to connect to your computer remotely.
5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE is related to: Trojan ( 0048e1d61 ), 5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE.
Virustotal = 8/57
MD5 = F71863FC6235259110873D59FB21B3A3
File Size: 248832

File information:
OriginalFilename: northstar.exe
FileDescription: appsinstall
InternalName: northstar.exe
CompanyName: Apps Installer
FileVersion: 3.0.10
LegalCopyright: Copyright c2013

Remove 5087D337-60B8-4D2B-99CE-66475BC06F2F.EXE now!

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