Remove 160WIFINAT64.SYS malware

160WIFINAT64.SYS Malware Removal Guide

Manual removal instructions:

Antivirus Report of 160WIFINAT64.SYS:
160WIFINAT64.SYS Malware
160WIFINAT64.SYSHigh Risk
Full path on a computer: %PROGRAM FILES%\WIFISRV\DRIVER\160WIFINAT64.SYS
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The file 160WIFINAT64.SYS was tested and considered as Adware.
Adware displays pop-up ads in order to generate revenue for its author.
160WIFINAT64.SYS shows pop-up ads or text ads or advertising banners.
Sometimes 160WIFINAT64.SYS displays coupons banners for sites you are visiting.
The banners are really annoying and invasive.
There is no way to stop 160WIFINAT64.SYS unwanted pop-ups.
Clicking link causes randomly redirecting your browser to the different pages with advertisements of computer speedup utilities fake antiviruses and other unwanted software.

How did 160WIFINAT64.SYS got on my computer?

It can be downloaded from the program's web site or bundled with some third-party software.
160WIFINAT64.SYS is often bundled within the installers from download sites.
Most of software download sites distribute pay-per-install bundles instead of original installers.
We recommend you to download software only from vendor web site or from trusted sources.
160WIFINAT64.SYS is related to: W64.HfsAdware.2F86, 160WIFINAT64.SYS.
Virustotal = 1/57
MD5 = DA37888DEFA158A21E07FB3A669B8A75
File Size: 25328

File information:
OriginalFilename: 160Nat
FileDescription: 160Nat
InternalName: 160Nat
FileVersion: 1, 3, 0, 7
LegalCopyright: Copyright (C) 2014

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