Remove %SYSDIR%\PCHEALTH.EXE malware

%SYSDIR%\PCHEALTH.EXE Malware Removal Guide

Manual removal instructions:

Antivirus Report of %SYSDIR%\PCHEALTH.EXE:
Full path on a computer: %SYSDIR%\PCHEALTH.EXE
Autostart registry keys:
Related Files:

The file PCHEALTH.EXE is a computer worm.
The worm PCHEALTH.EXE is a self-replicating malicious program,
which uses a computer network to send copies of itself to other
You must fix the PCHEALTH.EXE problem as soon as possible!
Delete the file PCHEALTH.EXE from all infected computers in your network.
Set up your network firewall against PCHEALTH.EXE intervention.
PCHEALTH.EXE is related to: W32/VB.RNM!worm, PCHEALTH.EXE.
Virustotal = 46/54
MD5 = D86455F90B5C3A42EACF8A988C303010
File Size: 114688

File information:
OriginalFilename: Win32App.exe
InternalName: Win32App
FileVersion: 4.00

Remove PCHEALTH.EXE now!

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