vpop3.exe - At your option


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VPOP3.EXE is a part of Vpop3 Mail Server.
“VPOP3 is an Email Server for Windows. It is designed primarily for small & medium sized businesses, but, because of its flexibility, it can also be useful for home users as well as larger enterprises.
VPOP3 can be used on any Windows platform from Windows 95 & NT 4.0 onwards, and will work with any Internet email account which supports POP3 or SMTP for incoming mail and SMTP for outgoing mail. (VPOP3 can also be used without an Internet email account at all, using direct SMTP reception and sending).
VPOP3 will work with any type of Internet connection from a dial-up modem, through ISDN and broadband xDSL connections through to permanent leased lines.”
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