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Privacy Policy

This statement describes the privacy practices we use for our website, transaction of information via E-mail and distribution of our customer list. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please feel free to contact us.

In General
In cases where we do keep information about visitors to our site and the E-mail addresses of people who write to us, we store it in our off-line secure computing environment, not on the web. We store this information, but we DON'T sell it or release it to third parties.

When You Visit Our Site
When you visit our site, our computer system records your IP address and the information you enter in on-line forms. There is no personal information about you in these transactions. We store this information, but we DON'T sell it or release it to third parties.

When You Send Us E-Mail
We read all of our E-mail feedback. Our goal is to reply within 72 hours (real average reply time is less than 12 hours) to messages that need a response. Our computer system stores old E-mails and the addresses of those who sent them in our off-line database, but we DON'T sell or release this information to third parties.

When You Subscribe to our newsletters
We keep your E-mail address in our off-line database so we can send you our electronic newsletter. If you cancel your subscription to the newsletter, we delete your address from our database. We DON'T sell or give out E-mail addresses of subscribers to this service. When you order our products, your E-mail is automatically added to the newsletter receivers database too, but you can cancel this subscription at any time.

When You Order Our Products
All orders processed by SWREG, RegNow and ShareIt payment services. All credit card data is transmitted via their servers, using the secure (encrypted) HTTP protocol according to the current SSL standard. When you purchase our products, the payment service sends us a confirmation message with customer details, but does NOT provide us with any payment information. We never receive or collect ANY credit card information. Please see the privacy statement of SWREG, RegNow and ShareIt for more details.

Our Customer List
Our customer list is internally used by our company, Greatis Software. Our customers can modify their personal information and E-mail address by sending an E-mail request from the original E-mail address that was used for purchase or by sending a request from an arbitrary address and attaching the original registration message that the customer received from the payment service after purchase. We then send a notification E-mail with all changes to the customer's personal information to the official E-mail address. We store and keep all information about our customers private and secure in our off-line database and we DON'T sell it or release it to third parties.

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A powerful tool kit against Trojans, viruses, spyware, adware components.
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Hot Offers
Form Designer .Net Form Designer .Net  is an unique solution that allows editing any form in your WinForms .Net application at runtime without manual coding. Your changes can be saved to file or stream and reused for next application run, so you can change layout of your application without rebuilding and redistributing!

Print Suite .Net Print Suite .Net  is a complete solution for printing text, images and grids from within you WinForms .Net applications. Included document designer allows creating complex documents from simple ready-to-use context providers without manual coding.

Gradient Cotrols .Net Gradient Controls .Net  offers controls with gradient background feature. Decorate your .Net forms without manual coding.

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