Speeding Up Your Computerís Boot Time

BootRacer How long does your computer take to load? BootRacer is designed to answer this question. The tool measures exactly how long it takes your computer to fully load every time itís started up. Is your system slowing down? BootRacer will tell you exactly how much longer it takes to boot up compared to its past performance, warning you immediately when your PC starts showing signs of slowing down. BootRacer is easy on resources, and does not make your boot time a single second longer. And hereís the best part: itís completely free for personal use with no adware, malware, searchware, toolbarware or other Ďbundleíware! In other words, itís free and totally harmless at the same time!

Is Your Computer Slowing Down?

Itís no big secret computers tend to slow down with the time. Itís no big secret computers tend to slow down with the time. Every new application installed, including those you remove later on, adds more clutter to your computer, slowing down its performance one bit after another. Applications clutter the computerís registry. Some programs install as filters or cut into the driverís chain, never removing their traces even after you uninstall them. Plain old disk fragmentation, including file system fragmentation, may also slow down your computerís boot time.

While measuring general slowdown is difficult, you can easily measure how fast or how slow your computer boots up. Every time your computer boots up, BootRacer takes a measure, recording the exact startup time into a log file and comparing the result against previous performance. If your computer boot time starts raising, BootRacer will warn you immediately, allowing to take preventive actions before itís too late.

Not Counting the Password

BootRacer - Not Counting the Password

Everyoneís password is different, and everyone is typing at their own rate. BootRacer does not account the time needed to enter the password during the login, measuring only the time your computer needs to load Ė and not the time you need to enter the password.

Countdown Timer

BootRacer - Countdown Timer 3, 2, 1, go! BootRacer revolutionizes the way your computer starts up by displaying an accurate countdown timer telling you how many seconds longer you have to wait before the computer is ready. This isnít your ordinary progress bar: BootRacerís estimates are accurately based on your computerís previous startup events, so youíll know exactly how much time you have to wait before you can start working. Ready? Good to Go!

Use this Quick Speedup Guide

My Computer Boots Faster Than Yours!

BootRacer - My Computer Boots Faster Than Yours! How much faster is your PC compared to otherís computers? You can compare your results against thousands of others by submitting your boot time via a built-in interface. Compare how fast your computer boots against other users!

Convenient Exporting

You can export your boot time history in HTML, Excel, Word, or CSV formats.

Free Download

BootRacer is completely free for personal use with no adware, malware, or other Ďbundledí software. Download your copy today and learn how fast or how slow your computer really is!