BootRacer in Business. Brilliant for business.

Runs hidden in the background with no user interaction

Excludes a user password timeout from the Total Boot Time

Flexible and customizable

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BootRacer Enterprise

1. Automatically collects computer boot results and store them into SQL database

SQL Database

2. Network and software inventory


3. Reports & Analysis


Minimum number of licenses = 100

Price per license depends on the number of licenses purchased

Eligible Academic, Educational Institutions and schools: 50 % OFF

Special discounts to government-run institutions at the federal, state and local levels. We extend the same offer to not-for-profit organizations.

Enterprise Site License

The Site lifetime license is a good choice.

Unlimited number of installations is allowed.

Business license does not allow you to run BootRacer outside your organization.

For example, you can't run BootRacer Business on your customer's computers, they must secure their own license. To be able to run BootRacer anywhere, you should purchase Roaming license.

Roaming License allows you to perform unlimited number of installations and re-installations of the BootRacer during licensed period (1 year.)

Only one computer can have BootRacer running with Roaming License at any single point of time, that means, you can not run BootRacer with the same Roaming license on two or more computers simultaneously, but you can run it on any number of computers one after another.

System Requirements

The BootRacer is fully compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven/8/10 (32 or 64 bit).

The amount of disk space you need to install BootRacer is approximately 16 MB.

The memory requirements for BootRacer are similar to those for your operating system.

The BootRacer does not slow down the computer.

Version Comparison

Feature Business Enterprise
Detecting Boot Time, Time to Logon (Welcome) screen
Excluding User Password Entering Timeout
Racing History
Own Events Journal
Running hidden in the background
Distribution using Microsoft SMS server
Discovery advanced Windows boot events
Desktop Appearance, Start menu, etc.
Auto Export to a folder or a network share in CSV
Collecting Results into the database (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle)  
Inventory System Information
Including the system summary, installed software, network information.
Analysis & Reporting software  
Modification for customer needs  

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